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999 Cenotaph Founder to Take on New Role with Charity

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Tom Scholes-Fogg with the 999 Cenotaph maquette.
Copyright: Steve Reigate / Express

The Founder of the Emergency Services Cenotaph, Tom Scholes-Fogg, is to stand down as Chief Executive in April 2022 and take on a new role as Director of Stakeholder Relations.

Mr Scholes-Fogg served as the charity’s Chairman from the charity’s creation in 2016 until June 2020 when he was appointed CEO.

The 999 Cenotaph is raising at least £3.2 million to build the UK’s first national monument honouring the millions of people who have served in the emergency services.

The charity is calling on the Chancellor to waive the VAT on the project.

Almost 2 million people serve in the emergency services today, including 250,000 first responders – those who respond when you dial 999.

The 999 Cenotaph, which is being sculpted by Philip Jackson, was debated in the House of Commons in September 2021, during which the Co-Chair’s of the 999 Cenotaph’s Cross Party Committee, Sir Mike Penning MP and Yvette Cooper MP announced Whitehall, Westminster as being the preferred location for this important national monument.

The 999 Cenotaph will stand 21ft tall and include six, 8ft figures stood back-to-back wearing the uniform they would wear when responding to a 999 call. They are a police officer, firefighter, maritime volunteer, paramedic, nurse and a search and rescue volunteer. A dog is also included to represent the many service animals.

The project is supported by HRH The Duke of Cambridge; the Prime Minister; the First Ministers of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; and all emergency services.

Mr Scholes-Fogg’s new role will specifically manage the charity’s relationship with the Royal Household, Government and Parliament.

Mr Thomas E.J. Scholes-Fogg, said: “I am immensely grateful to everybody who has donated, supported, volunteered and served on the 999 Cenotaph campaign.

“As we embark on the next phase of our journey to honour the many millions of people who have worked or volunteered in the NHS or emergency services, I am delighted to take on a new role within the charity. We take our 999 heroes for granted. We know that when we need help, they will arrive. We know that if we are hurt, they will heal.

“This is a very exciting stage for the charity. We have come a long way from when the charity was created, and I am excited about continuing on that journey in a different capacity, as I work to promote the heroic work being done by our 999 heroes, and promote the need for a national monument which will stand the test of time.”

The 999 Cenotaph’s Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mr Keith Fraser, said: “I want to thank Tom for the huge sacrifice and service he has given and is giving to the charity. I am very pleased he is taking on a new role with the charity and I wish him well.”

How to donate to the 999 Cenotaph:

  • Text ‘Hero 1’ to 70500 to donate £1.
  • If you would like to donate more than £1, visit
  • Follow us on social media @999Cenotaph.
  • All the money donated will go towards making the national monument a reality.