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Who are we?

The Emergency Services Cenotaph was founded by Tom Scholes-Fogg in Autumn 2016. The Charity launched in September 2017. It is currently managed by a Chief Executive and a Board of Directors and Trustees.

What are we doing?

We are raising at least £3.2 million to build the UK’s first 999 Cenotaph. This important monument will honour ALL who have served in the emergency services and the NHS.

When will it be built?

If we raise the money soon then the monument will be unveiled in 2023.

Where will it be built and who’s the sculptor?

We have commissioned the highly respected sculptor, Philip Jackson CVO DL to build this national symbol of gratitude, sacrifice and remembrance.

It is hoped that this monument will be located on Whitehall in Central London. This site was unveiled during a debate in the House of Commons which you can watch by clicking here.

What will the 999 Cenotaph look like?

The 999 Cenotaph features six figures to represent the emergency services and the NHS. There is a police officer, a firefighter, a paramedic, a nurse, a maritime volunteer (to represent HM Coastguard and the lifeboats), and a search and rescue volunteer (to represent mountain, lowland, cave and mine rescue). We have also included a search and rescue spaniel to represent all emergency services animals.

The NHS nurse is wearing scrubs whilst all other figures are wearing the uniform they would wear when responding to a 999 call.

Why is this monument needed?

Whilst there are individual monuments across the country, such as the fire memorial, ambulance memorial and the national police memorial on The Mall, there is no one national cenotaph to act as the national symbol of remembrance, sacrifice and gratitude to ALL emergency services. Just as the cenotaph on Whitehall is the one national monument to the military, it is our ambition to create the first national cenotaph dedicated to all emergency services and NHS personnel.

How can I donate?

We can only build this national monument with your donations so please do donate today and don’t forget to add GiftAid.